Winter Tires for Trucks: Which Are the Best?

What happened to studs in tires? Many areas in the United States have banned them because of road damage caused when tires were run on pavement in between storms. For those who confidently drove out on ice and snow, it was like losing a life-line. Typically, tire manufacturers busily redesigned tread and consistency in an effort to provide quality ice and snow tires, comparable to those lost through laws.

This winter has tossed out a lot of challenges to drivers across the world. Besides snow and ice, we’ve had to drive on slush, freezing rain, and even dry highways! All-Terrain Tires have become a popular truck tire option because they can be run year-round. One of the best winter tires on the market for moderate winter areas, they will handle light snow and ice, rain, and heat during the summer.

Live in a moderate weather area? Dunlop Rover H/T, an all-season highway truck tire, is one of the best winter truck tires. It runs $740 for a set of four tires sized 245/75R17. Those will fit the 2009 Ford F250 XL 4×4. Like most vehicles, there may be several sizes set by the manufacturer. Be sure to check before buying tires.

The mountain snowflake symbol qualifies the tire for severe snow winter driving. It is awarded to those tires that meet certain criteria, so watch for it when shopping for winter truck tires. Be aware that four tires must be purchased, to keep the handling and safety desired.

When using tires bearing the mountain snowflake symbol, a winter tread depth indicator, which is molded into the design, will appear when about 50 per cent of the snow traction tread remains. That is just another safety feature built in to protect the consumer. cek ongkir online


Firestone Winterforce UV 245/70 R17 108S is a studdable tire, and carries the mountain snowflake symbol. It is definitely one of the best winter tires on the market, because when studs are allowed, they can be added. The directional tread design promises a fairly quiet ride, while providing safe handling in ice, snow, and rain. An average cost of $364 for a set of 4 is a very good price.

Dunlop’s Graspic DS-3 Studless Ice & Snow winter tire is also one of the best winter tires on the market. Using a computer to design tread for various weather conditions is a common practice, and the consumer comes up as a winner. The silica-based glass fiber-reinforced tread compound gives impressive handling and grip over snow and ice. Sipes, which are tiny cuts in the tread of the tire, make the independent block tread design work almost as if studs were actually part of the tire.

Goodyear’s Winter Radial Ultra Grip truck tires, manufactured in Canada, are designed for use in North America. They feature deep, heavily siped tread blocks, using a directional tread. What makes the Ultra Grip one of the best winter tires on the market? The siping and tread help the tires dig into the snow. There is a great grip when on ice. The tread design brushes the water and slush away from the tire’s surface before it turns to ice, deterring the chance of hydroplaning. The price for a set of 4 with dimensions 245/70 R16 is $492.

ExtremeWinterContact is Continental Tire’s Studless Ice and Snow winter/snow tire. It boasts a winter tread compound that allows flexibility even in freezing conditions. The tread gives exceptionally secure handling on ice and in deep snow. A set of four tires size 245/70-17 costs about $560.

Purchasing a set of the best winter tires on the market can be expensive, but it is far less expensive than possible alternatives, if your current tires will not provide the control needed for quick, easy handling on ice and snow.

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