Some unknown facts about Hdd shredding and degaussing

Hard discs when storing data. A reliable way to prevent sensitive information and data from being revealed in incorrect handshdd shredding and degaussing data erasure software may suffice to temporarily provide a secure solution, but it is not sufficiently comprehensive. 

Secure Data Disposal with HDD Degaussing

Sustainable Asset Management Solutions (SAMS) offer a quick and efficient way to delete data completely and permanently on a hard disc or other media.

Hdd shredding and degaussingdestructs remaining magnetic fields on hard drives by exposing them to a strong magnetic field in magnetic components, caps, and areas. Resulting in the magnetic deletion of both the hard drive and data.

The benefit of SAMS HDD Degaussing Services:

  • Different devices that meet global standards and CESG sanitation requirements for labeled information will be available.
  • 100% guarantee that magnetic media data is removed
  • Production of peak fields close to 18,000 gauss
  • Reduces its time and working resources needed
  • Fast degauss cycle time
  • Quick and smooth operation
  • Activity creating system audit trail reports
  • The customer’s facilities and SAMS secure facilities both offer services on site.

hdd shredding and degaussing

Why is it important to defuse? 

The first step in the entire destruction of data is degaussing. The destruction of sensitive data is required by law because of regulations like HIPAA and the GLB-Act and NSA requirements.

Hard Drives Degustation

Hard drives and other storage devices such as magnetic field computer tapes store data. These media of storage contain magnetic material layers. Only if the magnetic fields are kept in their exact order does a hard disc retain that data.

A degaussing machine subjects the hard disc to a magnetic field of high intensity which reorganizes the entire magnetic structure of the drive.

This guarantees that the data on the hdd shredding and degaussingis no longer retrievable, and physically does not exist on the disk itself anymore.